Flow – Consumer-Friendly Onboarding

In addition to mainstream-ready payment on-ramps (from other crypto tokens as well as fiat currencies), the Flow network makes it easy to build applications that people want to use:

Human Readable Security

On current networks, it’s nearly impossible for an app or wallet software to provide a human-readable message clearly outlining what permissions they’re giving when authorizing a transaction. The Flow transaction format makes very strong guarantees about what kinds of changes a transaction can and can not make. This makes it easy for the wallet to ensure users are making informed decisions about what they are approving. 

It will be up to wallet software to display this information to the users, but by making the Flow transaction format easy to statically analyze, we create the possibility for a more transparent transaction approval process.

Smart User Accounts: no more seed words or lost keys

Flow is designed with flexibility in mind. Over the past year, Dapper Labs has pioneered a variety of usability enhancements to the Ethereum account model as part of the Dapper Smart Contract Wallet. Those enhancements are part of the native account model on Flow:

  • Optional, modular, smart contract functionality built into every Flow wallet;
  • This supports automated processes or more sophisticated authorization controls, in turn enabling good user experience. For example, dapps can easily make sure consumers never lose their assets – or access to their accounts – with secure account recovery flows;
  • Added security through optional multiple signature support, with the ability to cycle out old keys regularly to avoid security leaks.