Flow – Community

Flow is committed to a world of open ecosystems: a world where software developers, content creators, and consumers alike are appropriately incentivized and rewarded for the value they contribute to the network. 

The technical architecture is just one example of how Flow will ensure inclusivity and participation at the protocol level: our community evangelism and efforts toward governance are equally if not more important.

Node Operator Fees and Rewards

On Flow, validator node operators supporting the network receive a portion of the transaction fees that pass through the system proportional with the work they do and their associated stake. Unlike miners or validators for other blockchains, validators on Flow can get started as Consensus or Verification Nodes with relatively cheap hardware, ensuring broad, equitable participation and decentralization. 

In the early years of the network when fees are low, the network will provide additional rewards to node operators proportional with their efforts and associated stake.

Developer Ecosystem

A healthy and vibrant ecosystem is the most important long-term determinant of success for a blockchain. It is a fundamental requirement that Flow engages with a large and diverse set of stakeholders. Most importantly, this extends beyond the investor base and includes the developers and ecosystem partners that choose to build on top of the network. 

In addition to a technical design optimized for developer experience and performance, the Flow team is taking additional steps to ensure a healthy ecosystem:

  • Developer Alpha Program: over the coming months, the Flow team will begin demonstrating the capabilities of the network to interested blockchain developers for technical feedback. Whether you’re an independent hobbyist or a venture-backed powerhouse, the Flow team wants to hear from you;
  • Ecosystem Development: a portion of Flow tokens will be set aside for ecosystem development to bootstrap adoption and reward early participants in the network. These participation rewards will be distributed via a number of different programs including competitions, hackathons, and contributions to open source development. In addition to accelerating adoption, setting aside a portion of tokens for long-term ecosystem development also ensures a path to diversifying and decentralizing network participation and governance, ensuring global access from a variety of participants.

Content Partners

Blockchain lets brands and influencers connect directly with their fans in new ways. Digital scarcity and true ownership of assets create the space for gamified social experiences that go beyond individual apps, creating collector economies around every unique IP. Flow is working with independents that are breaking the mold as well as some of the world’s leading entertainment studios, IP holders, and publishers to ensure our platform serves their needs. 

Flow will sponsor the creation of an entertainment industry council for C-level executives from global IP holders, game publishers, entertainment studios, and cultural influencers. The council will help identify risks and opportunities, remove friction-points for consumer adoption, and help catalyze a healthy global entertainment ecosystem.

Get started by joining the community

Together with our community Flow can power an open and trustworthy internet for billions of consumers. We’re looking for developers, companies, and ambassadors to bring this new digital world to life. These teams and individuals will work closely with our team and receive mentorship in order to establish sustainable products, services, businesses, and communities on Flow. If you’re interested in building the future on Flow, please tell us more.